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What our clients say about us

I was referred to Dr. Choi by my OB originally for Acupuncture to relieve unbearable pain I was experiencing in pregnancy. The pain didn't allow me to have full mobility, and made the simple act of getting out of bed or walking painful. Little did I know that I was in for a world of relief in the hands of Dr. Choi. What I presumed to just be Acupuncture, ended up being so much more. She massaged, adjusted, and treated with Acupuncture my areas of pain and discomfort. After my first session, I was able to walk out better and it only continued to improve from there. I'm now able to be more active, and enjoy movement. Besides the physical, her alternative approach has reinvigorated me mentally as well. I will continue to see Dr. Choi throughout my pregnancy and postpartum, and highly recommend her to any individual seeking relief from any physical or mental ailments.

~ N.F, Mission Viejo

I discovered Dr. Choi through a recommendation from my fertility doctor. In the process of IVF, I started seeing her to stimulate my ovaries three weeks before egg retrieval. I was impressed with her professional demeanor, thorough assessment of my symptoms and desire to help me achieve a healthy pregnancy. The clinical setting was comfortable and clean, and I was able to relax in my sessions.

Unfortunately, my round of IVF failed due to genetic conditions of the embryos, however I continued to see Dr. Choi to prepare for a second round of IVF. She focused on improving my fertility and overall health and balance of my reproductive system and body.

After seven weeks of consistent acupuncture treatments I became pregnant NATURALLY - something that I had been trying to do for over three years. I attribute this success to Dr. Choi and her sessions. I've continued to see her throughout my pregnancy and she has focused on helping me retain and grow a healthy child, as well as manage pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, sleep and stress. I have really enjoyed the whole mind/body approach to health and Dr. Choi's suggestions and mental health tips have been a positive influence on my overall health.

I'm now in my second trimester with a healthy baby and will continue to see Dr. Choi throughout my pregnancy and after. She's a true GEM.

~ Sarah L, San Clemente

I have suffered with terrible headaches for most of my life. They continued to get worst as the pressures of life increased. I had headaches almost every day and some of them were unreal, definitely migraines. I would get sick to my stomach and have to go to bed and sometimes even that wouldn’t help. I started seeing Amy in August, and by March I was down to maybe 2 headaches a month (which normally was around the time of the month).  Today, I can’t even remember when I had my last headache! It did take a long time to get to this point but the way I look at it, the best things in life take time. It was well worth it, and I will go back to Amy anytime I have another problem. I highly recommend her to everyone!!! 

~ May,  Huntington Beach

I was exceptionally fortunate to have acquired an hour assessment and treatment with Dr. Amy Choi as part of a raffle several years ago. This was the beginning of a rich, physically positive relationship for lower back scoliotic pain, stress, illeo-tibial band release and a few other body conditions.
My initial assessment was unlike any traditional medical exam. As a nurse of 40 years with a concentration in surgery I was of course curious about Dr. Choi's explanations about her eastern medicine interventions and philosophies. Dr. Choi has a patient caring bedside manner and shares her knowledge with her clients.
My favorite Interventions? Acupuncture, spinal adjustments and deep tissue massage! Dr. Choi has the additional experience as a chiropractor to enhance treating her patients.  Enjoy!

~ Laurie RN MSN CNOR, Dana Point

I met Dr. Amy Choi through my best friend when she was visiting Seattle a few years ago. At the time, I injured my back from lifting and had severe low back pain with shooting pain down my legs.  I couldn’t stand and was limping due to pain. So, I was seeing local Chiropractor and Acupuncturist for more than a year for my pain but I still had pain and my back felt weak. When my friend told me about Dr. Choi and how she could help me, I told him to not bother  since I tried Chiropractic and Acupuncture and it didn’t help me much other than some minor relief.  But my friend insisted that I see Dr. Choi while she was in town. So, I did and I’m so glad I did.  I received three treatments while she was in town.  After the first treatment, I was able to stand again and pain level went down by 50%. After the second treatment, I wasn’t limping and pain was down to 1-2 out of 10 and didn’t have shooting pain down my legs.  Finally after the third treatment, I was pain-free and got my mobility back.  I’m still amazed at what she has done for me and I recommend her to all the people out there who are suffering from pain.  She is awesome!  

~ H. Chang,  Seattle

I first went to Dr. Amy Choi for general well being and to see what acupuncture was all about.  After going through my questionnaire, she wanted to work on my menstrual cramps.  I was very skeptical as I’d been on medication for years to try to help the pain and nothing completely took care of it.  The next step the doctor’s had for me was narcotics and I didn’t want to go that route and had come to terms with having pain once a month for the rest of my life.  After a couple sessions with Dr. Choi, I was able to completely stop all of the pain killers I was taking and replaced them with natural herbal pills.  The discomfort of my period is gone!  This is something I never thought I’d be able to get to.  After this experience, I go to her for everything.  When my back or neck is tight and having problems, she is able to get me back to 100%.  She has also been able to help with the tendonitis in my wrists and has been able to help me to relax and sleep through the night when work gets too stressful.  I can’t say enough good things about Dr.  Amy and what she’s able to do.  She’s amazing and I’d recommend her to anyone. 

~ Carly, Fountain Valley

I am a relatively new patient of Dr. Choi’s but I am a complete convert!  I initially saw her for hip and back pain, which she treated and improved from the first visit.  She has also helped me with less intrusive issues and I will continue to seek her care in the future.  

~ Kathy, Newport Beach

Acupuncture treatments have cured my chronic back pain, headaches and stress. I grew up in the pill generation, when I got back pain or headaches, I was taught to take a pill for relief.
When I got married, my husband challenged me that pills don't really cure the problem, and that in his native country (Japan) people took acupuncture treatments to cure the core of the problem.  I was so distraught by chronic pain that even though acupuncture seemed a little exotic to me, I was willing to give it a try.  Honestly, within two sessions my chronic pain was nearly gone. Within 6 months, I learned a new way of living and felt I had a new lease on life.

I have been doing acupuncture for two years now, and I would honestly never consider doing anything else to cure a health problem, its methods truly work!

~ Victoria, SJC

I get acupuncture treatments for menstrual cramps, acne and also for relaxation. I really like the way it magically works because I feel so much better.

~ Sarah, SJC

Dr. Amy Choi is wonderful.  She is very professional and thorough.  I had never had acupuncture before and Dr. Choi explained each step to me. I saw her for various ailments and her treatments helped me with all of them!  I especially saw rapid results for the treatments with my allergies. From this first session, I was able to breathe clear and I had much less congestion. I would highly recommend Dr. Amy Choi to anyone!            

~ Robyn, Laguna Hills

I saw Dr. Amy Choi when I got Bell’s palsy last year.  Right side of my face was paralyzed and I couldn’t even close my eyes when I went to sleep.   After five treatments, my face was back to normal and I was so amazed and thankful.  Acupuncture really works and Dr. Choi is great at it!   

~ Estella, San Diego

I was referred to Dr. Amy Choi by my OBGYN for nausea and headaches while I was pregnant.  Honestly, I was a little scared to try Acupuncture because I hate needles. But Acupuncture needles are so thin and small that I hardly felt it going in. Acupuncture helped me w/ nausea, headaches, and digestive issues and also with back and neck pain.  Now, instead of taking Tylenol or Advil, I see Dr. Amy for most of my health problems and I love how it works naturally w/o any side-effects. I highly recommend her to anyone who truly cares about their health and well being.

~ Jenny, San Clemente

I saw Dr. Amy Choi for infertility when my OB referred her for Acupuncture.  My husband and I tried to conceive for about four years and we decided to try the natural treatments before we look into IVF.   She prescribed me some herbs to take every day and gave Acupuncture treatments couple times a week. And after a few months, I got pregnant! Throughout my pregnancy, Dr. Choi also helped me with nausea, heartburn, back pain and headaches. It was great because when you are pregnant, you can’t take any medication. Now, I have a beautiful daughter and I just can’t thank Dr. Choi enough.   

~ Sarah, Ladera Ranch

Dr. Choi is amazing!  She is very well educated and professional. My daughter is twelve and she had seizures since she was three years old.  She also has trouble walking, stiffness in her arms and legs, constipation, and poor balance. Since she started the Acupuncture, we have seen a big difference.  My daughter is more alert, doing better at school, having less seizure, has more energy and walking better.  My daughter’s life has truly changed in the most positive way and our family appreciates all of her hard work and dedication.   

~ Rygirlsmom, Capo Beach

Since two years ago, I have been getting hot flashes and it has gotten worse over the years.  So I asked my doctor if there are any alternative ways to treat my menopause symptoms other than taking hormones and that’s when she recommended Dr. Choi.  She was very pleasant and professional. After each treatment, I noticed that I was getting less hot flash and was sleeping better.  Now I only see Dr. Choi about once a month or two to maintain my health. I strongly recommend Dr. Choi to anyone who hasn’t tried this Ancient healing therapy!  

~ Torrey, San Clemente

These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people.  Since everybody is different, you may or may not have similar results.